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Cloud Computing and
working with AWS

AWS Cloud is for all. From school/college students (doing local development on their laptops/desktops) to experienced solutions architects, software developers, data analysts, data engineers, system engineers, IT administrators, networking professionals, database administrators, operations engineers, end users, business decision makers, security, governance and compliance professionals.

Class Room/Hands-on

At Zero To One Cloud (ZTOC), we ensure that the learning skills which you develop with our Training-Programs stay intact with you forever. Our Management is focused on running small-Batches (upto 10 candidates/Batch) w.r.t. our Training-Programs so that our Trainers are able to identify each candidate’s current mind-set and train them to upgrade and equip themselves with new technical skill-sets. Our digital and virtual classroom trainings are an ideal way for learners who are unable to travel or prefer to take AWS training online.

Real-Time Task
Assignment and POC

For years, Zero To One Cloud (ZTOC) has offered live in-person and virtual training classes to help you and your team learn new cloud skills and services, when and where it’s convenient for you. Our instructor-led training sessions go beyond theory to address real-life use cases and this allows our trainees to practice skills in a sandbox environment. In a classroom setting, you can ask questions and get on-the-spot practical help from our trainers.

Web Development

We believe in innovation and offer best web/software development, designing and consulting services. We have our in-house experts who can balance creativity and experience together. We make sure that our customers and their teams are completely satisfied with the final delivered product. Also, we believe in long-term relationships.

New kind of Training Institute for the Global Generation

Who We Are ?

Today's IT World needs Engineers with a different perspective, a Global View.
Not all Engineering Graduates are the same nor are the Engineering Colleges,
IT Companies or Business Owners. Today, we need the Vision that transcends the ordinary,
we need the instincts of The New World and adapt ourselves to learn from Real-Experiences.
Zero To One Cloud has been formed with prime-focus on teaching Cloud Computing with AWS (as IaaS Provider.)
Our Trainers/Instructors are working-professionals from Top-Notch IT MNC(s) with years of experience in Cloud Technology.
They have been working on Real-Time Industry Applications and are equipped with latest technology trends.

What We Offer

We’re Offering Services

Explain your requirements. Be open and honest. Giving the impression that you have an unlimited budget or unlimited training participation time is wishful thinking generally. As a vendor this is our opportunity to educate you on the range of services that we offer and give you the best solution for your current situation, but to do so we need to know what the situation is.

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We offer the following Training Courses per IT-Industry Requirements & Latest Technology Trends

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