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Transcend the ordinary !

Zero To One Cloud has been formed with prime-focus on teaching Cloud Computing with AWS (as IaaS Provider.) Our Trainers/Instructors are working-professionals from Top-Notch IT MNC(s) with years of experience in Cloud Technology. They have been working on Real-Time Industry Applications and are equipped with latest technology trends.

We named our organization Zero To One Cloud because we believe that any individual who has no prior knowledge of Cloud Computing but has an eager-urge to learn and grow in this field can join us. We’ll be working on these candidates and genuinely guide them with our training program [Theoretical + LAB Exercises] so that they are able to develop the right mindset & skills to adapt to the Cloud Technology. As the training-batch progresses you yourself would feel that your CLOUD-Knowledge Pointer is shifting from 0 to 1 and that you’re able to connect the dots, eventually helping you to adapt to the Cloud Technology & Latest Trends.


Our VISION is to set standards in the IT Training Industry by imparting Quality Cloud Education (with all integrity) such-that our students realize their true-potential and develop self-confidence with our Cloud Technology Learning Programs. We want to emerge as one of the leading Cloud Training Institutes in India where candidates are able to learn and adapt to the latest Cloud Trends in the market at Industrial Level.



The GOAL is to prepare candidates with our Excellent Curriculum Material & Extensive LAB Exercises so that they are able to genuinely-experience and absorb the Cloud-Skills which are very much required to work in IT MNC(s) using Cloud Technology. Post training we conduct “Resume Building & Career Counseling” sessions where we ensure that an individual sees A World of New Possibilities & Opportunities !