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Professionals with at-least 1 yr of work experience can aim for AWS Certification

AWS Certification - Preparation Path

Those attempting to navigate their cloud-careers must take specific paths and understand that certain skill-sets are valued more than the others.
In an office space we rarely come face to face will ‘all’ Amazon Web Services, hence we have structured our AWS Certification Preparation Path in a way such that our candidates are able to interact with all major Amazon Web Services and also attempt our Quizzes/Mock-Exams which are a part of our Professional Training Courses. Later, these professionals can attempt and clear the AWS Certification Exam which would certainly put them ahead of the rest of the Cloud Engineers.
With our Professional Training Courses, IT-Professionals can gain knowledge & develop skills in all the core-services offered by Amazon and stay up to date with the latest developments in AWS.
Our AWS Certification – Preparation Path will help you to reach all milestones on your list, we can assure you that.

Learning Path


Complete Class-Room Training


Attend Labs & Hands-on Exercises


Solve specially targeted Question Bank


Give Mock Exams


Register for the AWS Certification

Quizzes & Mock Exams

Quizzes are important because they are a good indicator of student comprehension and instructor effectiveness. As long as the quizzes are short, focused on content and used for evaluative rather than grading purposes, they are one of the most effective formative assessment tools. Quizzes lose effectiveness when they are used simply for assigning points or grades to students but are not evaluated as an assessment of learning. Instruction improves when quizzes are used to drive teaching and learning.
At 'Zero To One Cloud' we conduct quizzes w.r.t. the On-going class topics and labs. IT Professionals get ready for your 'AWS Certification Preparation' with our mock exams.
Our exam questions are similar in pattern and quality, of the actual AWS Certification Exam. It will save you from the last minute surprises while you take the actual AWS Certification Exam and will help you obtain your certification in the very first attempt.

Key Features of our Mock Exams

High Quality Questions

Our questions have been reviewed multiple times by our experts to ensure that they continue to meet most current AWS Certification Exam standards. We have also received and incorporated the feedback from our subscribers who often prompt us to update the questions and/or explanations, and include and/or remove AWS service areas.

Complete Mock Exams

During your actual AWS Certification Exam you will be required to answer 65 Questions in 120 minutes. Our exam simulator will test you on the same criteria as the actual AWS Certification Exam criteria. This gives you an opportunity to take multiple mock exams before taking the real AWS Certification exam.

Detailed Explanations and Results Summary

We provide detailed explanations for each answer, based on latest updates from the AWS website.
While you take the AWS Certification Mock/practice Exam you get the detailed explanation for the attempted question.
After you complete the exam you also get the detailed exam reports at the end. It starts with brief summary of your exam results and then provides detailed exam report for each question by providing the answer you choose and the correct-answer for each question and also providing the name of the specific AWS service-area it comes under. In addition to the above materials, we also provide email support where you get the opportunity to ask our Team of Experts for clarification and/or additional explanations for any of the questions you attempt during the mock-exam or you come across during your exam-preparation.
All email queries will be answered in 24 to 48 hours from the time it is received.