College Project Work & Training


  • We have worked on Real-Time Cloud Hosted Applications for several years and we would like to pass on our industrial-level knowledge to college aspirants who want to experience Cloud Technology at its best.
  • We will enroll you in our batch and help you build/make your own PROJECT which you can submit to your college or company. Also, you’ll receive ‘Zero To One Cloud Certification’ post-training completion. Our Certification will be useful for your Resume Building. Your resume will stand out in a crowd of engineers and will certainly lay a major-impact on the interviewers when you sit for campus placements at your respective colleges or during off-campus placements.

  • Sample Cloud-AWS Projects :-

    Cloud Computing with AWS

    • Building a Highly Distributed, Load Balanced Application on AWS Infra.

    • Using Amazon S3 for Application Log Management.

    • Hosting a static-website via Amazon S3.

    DevOps in Practice

    • Configuration Management using AWS services and Ansible

    • CI/CD using jenkins

    • Application Monitoring using Nagios