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Core PHP Development

Core PHP is a very basic PHP programming language; it is used to create dynamic web pages. There are basically two types of web applications: (1) Dynamic and (2) Static, but more about that later at the training session. Core PHP works without any extra library, which a PHP framework cannot, so it is very important to learn core of principle PHP programming to create dynamic web applications. Core PHP uses the purest form of PHP script. A developer needs to know the language thoroughly in order to write a clear and concise code using core PHP.

Course Level : Basic & Advanced
Course Objectives

This course teaches you how to:

  • Understand and implement object-oriented features of PHP programming
  • Dynamically access and update PHP applications using XML
  • Create lightweight APIs using PHP web services
  • Develop fast and scalable application combining the power of Ajax and PHP
  • Make your application secure by using built-in security features
  • Learn Advanced PHP coding best practices and business use cases

Intended Audience

This course is intended for:

  • Individuals interested in learning how to get started with using core PHP for web development
  • School Students (Web Development Enthusiasts), 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Year Engineering Students, BCA/MCA/M.Tech Students
  • Fresher Graduates
  • Professionals targeting :
    • core PHP Web Development
    • Development in the Cloud


We recommend that attendees of this course have the following prerequisites:

  • NA.
    We teach Classes, Objects, Functions, Attributes and other basics (Polymorphism, Inheritence, Encapsulation - PIE Model) from scratch, including OOPs (Object Oriented Programming) concepts.

Delivery Method

This course is delivered through a mix of:

  • Class-Room/Online Training – Instructor-led
  • Hands-on Labs & POC
  • Company 'Live Client-Project Works' Hands-on Experience
  • PHP Web Developer Internship at 'Zero To One Cloud (ZTOC)'

Course Duration

4-5 weeks

  • HTML: Introduction to HTML, HTML Tags, Creating HTML Forms, Creating Tables and Managing Home-Page.
  • CSS: Introduction to CSS, Ways to use CSS, CSS Properties, Designing Websites and Working with Templates.
  • JavaScript: Introduction to JavaScript, Ways to use JavaScript, Working with Events and Client-side Validation.
  • AJAX: Introduction to AJAX, PHP with AJAX and Working with Databases.

  • PHP Intro
  • PHP Installation
  • PHP Syntax
  • PHP Variables
  • PHP Echo / Print (PHP Print Function)
  • PHP Data Types
  • PHP Strings
  • PHP Constants
  • PHP Operators

  • PHP Form Handling
  • PHP Form Validation
  • PHP Form Required
  • PHP Form URL/Email
  • PHP Form Complete

  • Making Decisions
  • Doing Repetitive Tasks with Looping
  • Mixing decisions and looping with HTML
  • PHP if...Else...Elseif
  • PHP Switch
  • PHP While Loops
  • PHP For Loops

  • Understanding, what is a Function ?
  • Defining a Function
  • Call by Value & Call by Reference
  • Recursive Function

  • Creating and accessing Strings
  • Searching & Replacing Strings
  • Formatting Strings
  • String related Library Functions

  • Introduction to Arrays
  • Creating Index based and Associative arrays
  • Accessing array elements
  • Looping with Index based array
  • Looping with Associative arrays using each() and foreach()
  • Some useful Library Functions

  • Understanding Files and Directories
  • Opening and closing a file
  • Copying, renaming and deleting a file
  • Working with directories
  • File Uploading & Downloading

  • Using Query String (URL rewriting)
  • Using Hidden File
  • Using Cookies
  • Using Session

  • What is Regular Expression ?
  • Pattern matching in PHP
  • Replacing text
  • Splitting a string with a Regular Expression
  • File Uploading & Downloading

  • Introduction to RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)
  • Creating connection to MySQL Database
  • Performing basic database CRUD operations via SQL Queries (CRUD operations: Create/Read/Update/Delete)
  • Learning how to run database SQL Queries
  • SQL JOINS (Cross Joins, Inner Joins, Outer Joins, Self Joins)

  • Creating contact-Us forms
  • Performing CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) operations
  • Validating user input
  • Sending email
  • Creating a file uploader
  • Validating a file uploader
  • Creating a custom error messages

  • Using Artisan command to create inbuilt user register and login system – Authenticating Your Application
  • Adding Custom Fields to Registration Form
  • Creating user profile page

  • Introduction
  • Setup Admin Panel using Bootstrap theme
  • Create Admin login
  • Creating an admin authentication system
  • Encrypting and decrypting data
Sample Cloud-AWS Projects :-

Building a Dynamic Website with Contact Form (with send-mail feature.).

Inventory Management System with Admin Panel.

Integrating "Login with Facebook (or any other Web Idendity)" in your PHP Dynamic Website Project-Work.

(We encourage our candidates to come-up with their own project-ideas which they can showcase at their respective colleges or companies.)