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Resume Building & Career Counseling

Since we run small batches (upto 10 Candidates/Batch only) it becomes easier for our Management Team to have productive 1-on-1 sessions with all our candidates where we talk about our future career plans, our GOALS and how to accomplish them all. With our Training-Batches ongoing, we work simultaneously with our candidates (College Students/Freshers/Experienced-Professionals) w.r.t. redesigning their resumes & help them in understanding the various Cloud-Job Roles (for example: Cloud-Sales/Cloud-Pre-Sales/Cloud-Development/Cloud-Operations and many-more) that are available nowadays in the marketplace.

College & Beyond Program

With “Cloud Computing” in B.Tech curriculum it has become evident that this particular subject carries a lot of potential in terms of professional-growth of an individual ! For College Students we have our “College & Beyond Program” where we will talk about the Global IT-MNC Work-Culture. Here you’ll learn about different departments inside an IT-MNC. You’ll learn about departments such as Sales/Pre-Sales/RnD/QA-Testing/Development-Operations/Client-Services/etc & how these departments work together as a company, what types of meetings/conferences are held inside an IT-MNC, how each department operates its day-2-day activities. In-short you’ll learn the IT-MNC Trends and Work-Culture. This program will prepare you in-advance to adapt to the work-culture that lies ahead of your graduation and you’d also be aware in-advance about various Job-Roles that you can target in future.

Internship & Entrepreneurship Development Program

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Learn how to become a Freelancer at College-Level with our “Exclusive Internship Programs”

Post Industrial Training, we conduct an exam and interview-session for our enrolled college-students/freshers wherein the shortlisted-candidates are hired as interns to work on our Client-Projects under our guidance and supervision !

We offer our Professional Expertise to candidates who want to work as “Freelancers” in the global-marketplace. We will teach you how to select/work-on/complete/deliver a Client-Project. This internship-program will help you to gain self-confidence and soon you’ll start freelancing your Technical Skills to the Global-Market and that too on your own. This could be a start of your Entrepreneurial-Journey. Simply choose your freelance-project online (under our guidance) and start getting paid for the Technical Cloud Skills that you have developed with our Training Programs.