Resume Building & Career Counseling

  • Since we run small batches (upto 10 Candidates/Batch only) it becomes easier for our Management Team to have productive 1-on-1 sessions with all our candidates where we talk about our future career plans, our GOALS and how to accomplish them all.

    With our Training-Batches ongoing, we work simultaneously with our candidates (College Students/Freshers/Experienced-Professionals) w.r.t. redesigning their resumes & help them in understanding the various Cloud-Job Roles (for example: Cloud-Sales/Cloud-Pre-Sales/Cloud-Development/Cloud-Operations and many-more) that are available nowadays in the marketplace.

  • College & Beyond Program

    With “Cloud Computing” in B.Tech curriculum it has become evident that this particular subject carries a lot of potential in terms of professional-growth of an individual !

    For College Students we have our “College & Beyond Program” where we will talk about the Global IT-MNC Work-Culture. Here you’ll learn about different departments inside an IT-MNC. You’ll learn about departments such as Sales/Pre-Sales/RnD/QA-Testing/Development-Operations/Client-Services/etc & how these departments work together as a company, what types of meetings/conferences are held inside an IT-MNC, how each department operates its day-2-day activities. In-short you’ll learn the IT-MNC Trends and Work-Culture. This program will prepare you in-advance to adapt to the work-culture that lies ahead of your graduation and you’d also be aware in-advance about various Job-Roles that you can target in future.

    Learning Path


    Internship & Entrepreneurship Development Program @ZeroToOneCloud

    Learn how to become an AWS Cloud Freelancer at College-Level with our “Exclusive Internship Programs”

    Post AWS Cloud training we conduct an exam and interview-sessions for our enrolled college-students/freshers wherein the shortlisted-candidates are hired as interns to work on our Client-Projects under our guidance and supervision !

    We offer our Professional Expertise to candidates who want to work as “AWS Cloud Freelancers” in the global-market. We will teach you how to select/work-on/complete/deliver a Client-Project. This internship-program will help you to gain self-confidence and soon you’ll start freelancing your AWS Cloud Skills to the Global-Market and that too on your own. This could be a start of your Entrepreneurial-Journey. Simply choose your freelance-project online (under our guidance) and start getting paid for the AWS Cloud Skills that you have developed with our Training Programs.

  • Startup Consultancy @ZeroToOneCloud
  • Note: You can work with us as an intern for as long as you wish. We are not one of those traditional training-institutes which drags its interns for 2-6 months, gives them a certificate and then forgets them. We strongly believe is promoting Entrepreneurship and ‘Creating Entrepreneurs at College-Level.’ As mentioned in our “About Us” section: We are “Zero To One Cloud” & we’re a ‘new kind’ of Training Institute for the Global Generation and we like to keep in the loop with our candidates forever. Also, it’d be great to hear your success stories someday !

    #BecomeAnEntrepreneur – All you have to do is “Learn Cloud Computing with AWS” and start freelancing you AWS Cloud Skills to the global-market.

    Our Training Programs will pave a path for you in becoming an “Entrepreneur at College-Level” and by the time you graduate, you might just want to “STARTUP” your own ‘Cloud Computing Company’ and offer your AWS Cloud Skills to the world-market like so many other fresher-graduates across India & Globally.

    Kill your dependencies on Campus-Placements and stop worrying about your grades. Its time to see the world of ‘possibilities’ with a free mind and make the best out of your College-Life !

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  • We ensure that post training-completion we conduct quizzes/mock-exams & mock-interviews so that our candidates develop the right-mindset to appear for IT-MNC interviews and clear them eventually.
  • We encourage IT-Professionals (with at least 1 yr of work experience) to attempt the AWS Certification Exam . This can surely give you an extra edge to present yourself as a certified professional in the marketplace and experience the perks of being different from the rest of the Cloud Engineers.