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Professional Approach and Quality Services

At Zero To One Cloud, we ensure that the learning skills which you develop with our
Training-Programs stay intact with you forever !

Our Management is focused on running small-Batches (upto 10 candidates/Batch) w.r.t. our Training-Programs so that our Trainers are able to identify
each candidate’s current mind-set and train them to upgrade and equip themselves with new technical skill-sets.

Learning Path
Key Features of our Training Program

  • Experienced Instructors from Top-Notch IT MNC(s)
  • Excellent Curriculum & Materials
  • Practicing on Production Level Cloud-Servers
  • Real-Time Task Assignment and POC
  • Small Batches with Primary focus on Hands-on Training(LAB Exercises)
  • Freelance your AWS Cloud Skills, post-training

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Why Learn AWS ?

Why we endorse AWS as IaaS provider ?

Amazon has been in the business the longest time compared to the other two giants, Microsoft and Google, and this gave them a first-mover advantage in what Amazon has called the cloud virtuous cycle: value based pricing → more customers → more usage → more infrastructure → economies of scale → lower infrastructure costs → continued innovation/back to value.

Amazon offers :-

  • Diverse customer base
  • Broadest range of use-cases (cloud native applications, e-business hosting, general business applications, enterprise applications, development environments and batch computing)
  • Large tech partner ecosystem including software vendors that integrated their solutions with AWS
  • Extensive network of partners that provide app development expertise, managed service and professional services such as Data-Migration
  • Richest array of IaaS and PaaS capabilities.
  • Rapid service offerings and higher level solutions expansion.

* Note : The big companies listed in the Fortune 500 and Unicorn chose to use AWS for fulfilling their cloud needs. (Examples :- Pfizer, Expedia, Airbnb, Kellogg, etc.)

AWS has placed its data centers across 69 Availability Zones within 22 Regions worldwide. Each availability zone has at least one data center (some have as many as six) that has redundant power for stability, networking and connectivity. In each data center, there are between 50,000 to 80,000 servers with up to 102 Tbps bandwidth.
If you assume an average of three data centers per zone and 65,000 servers per data center, you will end up having 6.4 million servers worldwide. For those of you who care about availability and performance of their applications in the cloud, the huge computing capacity of AWS ensures higher fault tolerance and low latency.

AWS Customer Base in India

There are over 75,000 active AWS customers in India, representing a diverse base of industries. To name a few :- Ola Cabs, NDTV, Tata Motors Limited, redBus, Hotstar, Macmillan India

AWS Partners in India

Amazon is working with a broad selection of partners in India. Here’s a sampling:

  • AWS Premier Consulting Partners – Cognizant, BlazeClan Technologies Pvt. Limited, Minjar Cloud Solutions Pvt Ltd, and Wipro.
  • AWS Consulting Partners – Accenture, BluePi, Cloudcover, Frontier, HCL, Powerupcloud, TCS, and Wipro.
  • AWS Technology Partners – Freshdesk, Druva, Indusface, Leadsquared, Manthan, Mithi, Nucleus Software, Newgen, Ramco Systems, Sanovi, and Vinculum.
  • AWS Managed Service Providers – Progressive Infotech and Spruha Technologies.
  • AWS Direct Connect Partners – AirTel, Colt Technology Services, Global Cloud Xchange, GPX, Hutchison Global Communications, Sify, and Tata Communications.

AWS Offices in India

Amazon has opened six offices in India since 2011 – Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, and Chennai. These offices support AWS diverse customer base in India including enterprises, government agencies, academic institutions, small-to-mid-size companies, startups, and developers.

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